Reiki For Dogs Hunstanton

Canine Reiki Treatment - Canine Holistic Therapy Norfolk

Reiki For Dogs Hunstanton, Norfolk

Reiki methods of energy healing, ease tensions and aid well-being, great ways to calm and revitalise your dog.

Animal Reiki is a non-invasive therapy that uses no force or manipulation. It encourages deep relaxation as well as natural healing. It works by using energy to heal the animal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Mandy is a highly qualified and intuitive Reiki practitioner, based in the Witches Cauldron in Hunstanton.

Canine Reiki Hunstanton

Reiki Benefits for your Dog

Relief from Muscle discomfort,:

Natural Energy healing can help with discomfort in the muscles, post-operative rehabilitation, and injuries by concentrating on problem areas.

Increased emotional balance:

Naturally healing for anxious, previously mistreated, nervous dogs or dogs with separation anxiety.

Relief from discomfort from arthritis and hip dysplasia:

Natural energy healing for pain relief, without placing any strain on the joints.

Pain relief from conditions associated with age:

Reiki energy works for age-related conditions in dogs by aiding with energy levels, quality of sleep, and stiffness resulting from old age.

greater versatility :

Improve agility, independence and stamina with increase in energy improving versatility.

Improved relaxation:

Absorbing energy encourages your beloved dogs/puppys body to re-balance inducing a calm and relaxed state.

Your Dog Already Reads Energy (Reiki)

Animals constantly read your energy (Reiki) as they can sense how you’re feeling the moment you enter into the room, therefore when Reiki is delivered to them, it is something they are extremely familiar with. They can detect if you are unhappy or upset even if you are smiling. Reiki healing is especially beneficial for dogs who are anxious, nervous, or hyperactive.

Reiki For Dogs Hunstanton

Reiki For Dogs Treatment – 20 – 40 mins – £25.00

Calming energy healing holistic treatment for dogs that suffer from anxiety, nervousness, and hyperactivity

Because of its energy-healing effects, reiki is exceptionally calming and suitable for dogs as well as humans. It encourages natural healing.

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