Wild One (LP) Shoulder Bag 23cm


Small The Wild One Fantasy Wolf Shoulder Bag by Lisa Parker

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From the magical artwork of Lisa Parker

Practical as well as visually stunning

The bag has a second smaller pocket at the front to allow for extra storage flexibility

Size 23cm

Created by Nemesis Now, this fantastic shoulder bag comes from the wild and untamed imagination of leading wildlife artist Lisa Parker. A wolf's head stares directly at you, hard blue eyes betraying a soul untouched by civilisation. The points of a pentagram can be seen from behind, with two distant stars visible in the night sky at the top. The background around the design fades from black near the bottom up to a dark blue at the top. This shoulder bag has a smaller front pocket in addition to the main pocket for greater ease and flexibility of storage, as well as an adjustable strap, making it perfect for any who feel the call of the wild.