Ravens Flight Embossed Purse 18.5cm


Ravens Flight Black Wing Floral Embossed Purse Wallet

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Black Raven Wing Floral Embossed Purse.

The wing opens to reveal the card slot compartment.

Spacious zipped coin compartment.

Multiple slots for cards and cash.

From the untamed imagination of alternative brand Nemesis Now's in-house design team, this embossed Purse is a staple for any fan of the macabre. Ravens have been a part of folklore and literature since the dawn of time, whether they be messengers to the Gods or Heralds of Death, now you can own your own piece of mythology with the Ravens Flight Purse. Featuring the profile of a beautiful Black Raven, with its large wing covering its side, this purse is not what it seems. The wing can be unfastened to open the cardholder slot! Genius! Covered in embossed Baroque designs and floral decorations, this purse has multiple slots for holding both cards, cash and coins.