Persephone Queen of the Underworld (Mini) 8.7cm


Persephone Queen of the Underworld (Mini) Bronze Figurine 8.7cm

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Persephone Queen of the Underworld Mini Bronze Figurine

Cast in the finest resin

Expertly finished in bronze

Size 8.7*3.7*3.7cm

Step into the realm of Greek mythology with our enchanting Persephone Queen of the Underworld (Mini), from Nemesis Now's premium collection. Crafted in resin, this bronzed masterpiece showcases the Daughter of Zeus, Wife of Hades, and Queen of the Underworld in all her regal beauty. Standing gracefully, Persephone wears a draping red dress, adding seductive allure to her divine presence. In her hand, she delicately holds a bouquet of wheat and skulls, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. Three skulls rest at her feet, embodying the mystical connection between the goddess and the underworld. Meticulously hand-painted with red detailing and accents, this figurine is a testament to the intricate craftsmanship inspired by Greek mythology. A part of our Greek Mythology Collection, the Persephone Queen of the Underworld (Mini) joins a range of captivating designs, perfect for enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the allure and symbolism of ancient myths.