Norseman Tankard 16cm


Medieval Norseman Tankard 16cm

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Norseman Tankard

Cast in the finest resin

Expertly hand-painted

Size 13.5*16*11.5cm

Embark on a Viking-inspired drinking journey with our intricately crafted Norseman Tankarda miniature wooden barrel bound by metal belts, featuring a silver plaque with the face of a Viking berserker between dragon faces of two Viking longships taken from Nemesis Now's premium collection. Norse lettering in vibrant green complements the design, while the handle, resembling a Viking dragon longship's head, adds an authentic touch. Hand-painted and cast in fine resin, this tankard offers a unique drinking experience. The removable stainless steel insert ensures easy cleaning, blending functionality with artistic authenticity. A sister product to our Viking Shot Glass, it's part of our Viking-themed collection, celebrating the bold elements of Norse culture. Explore our diverse of Viking products range for a taste of the North in your everyday rituals and gatherings.