Mystique 16.5cm


Little Shadows Mystique Figurine Gothic Fairy Ornament

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Mystique stands holding a small crystal ball in her gothic spirit board outfit.

Hand-painted after being cast in the finest resin.

Size 16.5cm

Weight 0.4kg

Designed by Nemesis Now, this Gothic Fairy figurine is cast in top quality resin and painted by hand. Part of the alternative Little Shadows range, this piece comes from their own darkly gifted in-house design team. Standing cross-legged and proffering you a crystal ball, this Fairy looks up at you invitingly, her black and purple wings open but relaxed behind her. Her ballerina skirt is a spirit board, and she has sun and moon tattoos on her shoulders, as well as a teardrop tattoo below her eye. Evoking the darker side of magic and fortune telling, this Gothic Fantasy figurine is a perfect gift or conversation piece for all those who are in tune with the darkness in life.