Maiden, Mother, Crone (Painted) 26cm


Maiden, Mother, Crone (Painted) Figurine 26cm

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Maiden, Mother, Crone Painted Figurine

Cast in the finest resin

Expertly hand-painted

Size 26*14*13.5cm

Immerse yourself in the ancient and mystical world with our captivating Maiden, Mother, Crone (Painted), from Nemesis Now's premium collection. Crafted from the finest resin, this colorful masterpiece beautifully depicts the sacred Trinity of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The youthful Maiden, adorned in a baby blue dress, cradles a dove in her hands. The nurturing Mother, draped in a flowing green dress, holds her child, crowned with a white and ornate gold head covering. The wise Crone, in an all-black attire, clutches an owl perched atop her hand. At the base, symbols of each idol abound pink flowers, wheat, fruit, and a cauldron, creating a rich tapestry of Celtic spirituality. Meticulously crafted, the figurine brings the Triple Goddess to life with vibrant colors and intricate details, while a fruiting tree behind the trio symbolizes the cycles of life from young shoots to fruitful abundance to the wisdom of autumn. Moon symbols corresponding to each woman grace the tree's crown, adding a celestial touch to this enchanting piece. A part of our historical, Wiccan, and witchcraft-inspired collection, this figurine is designed for those who appreciate the rich tapestry of Celtic spirituality, making it an ideal addition for history, Wiccan, and witchcraft enthusiasts. Its intricate details and symbolic depth make it a meaningful centerpiece for altars, sacred spaces, or any collection inspired by ancient mysticism. Explore our diverse range of historical, Wiccan, and witchcraft-inspired figurines, each crafted to resonate with the magic and spirituality of ages past.