Kitten Tickin’ 32cm


Kitten Tickin’ Cat Pendulum Clock

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Black Cat Pendulum Clock.

Perfect for any animal lover.

Requires 1x AA battery.

Material: MDF.

Designed by their own fantastic in-house artists, this adorable wall clock is from alternative brand Nemesis Now's giftware collection. The face of the clock is a wooden disc, similar to an honest wooden dining table. Over the top, a curious black kitten peers at you with curious green eyes, ears erect and alert. Below the clock, the kitten's tail hangs down and swings as the clock's pendulum. Around the centre of the clock face is the phrase 'le petit cafe de chat noir', or 'the small cafe of the black cat'. Perfect for adding a touch of charm to any kitchen or breakfast nook, this wall clock is a great gift for any cat lover.Requires 1 AA battery.