Hell on the Highway (JR) 20.5cm


Hell on the Highway Skeleton Motorbike Ornament Figurine by James Ryman

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Hell on the Highway Ornament by fantasy artist James Ryman

Highly detailed motorcycle model with skeleton rider.

Hand-painted in beautiful detail.

20.5cm Long.

This wild figurines comes from the alternative artwork of James Ryman, then been immortalised in resin by Gothic masters Nemesis Now. On a deserted highway, with lightning striking behind him, this grim rider accelerates towards you, leather jacket and tattered jeans hanging off his skeletal frame. A scythe and skull are lashed to the side of the bike and show that the rider is ready to cut down anyone who stands in his way. The floor underneath him cracks, exposing a hellish glow as the biker grabs the handle bars formed from the skull of a Demon. Cast in the finest resin before being expertly hand-painted, this piece would make the perfect addition to any biker collection!