Little Shadows – Hazel 16cm


Little Shadows Hazel Figurine Gothic Fantasy Cat Fairy Ornament

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Hazel stands holding the forbidden fruit with her black cat companion.

She stares off into the distance, seeking answers.

Cast in the finest resin.

Lovingly hand-painted.

From Nemesis Now's darkly imaginative in-house design team comes this Gothic Fantasy Fairy figurine, part of the alternative Little Shadows range. Her unfurled wings the colour of autumn leaves, this young Fairy wears a red dress that flares out to show the black ruffles underneath. Her corset-style top has long, lacy sleeves that hang down at the wrists, and her thigh-high black and white striped boots are topped with silver skulls. Around her neck, she wears a pentagram pendant and a small choker, and at her feet a black cat with a matching pendant looks up with unnatural intelligence, its long tail curling around one of her legs. In her right hand, she casually holds a juicy red apple. Her long black hair flows in the wind, adorned only by a silver lunar crescent, as she looks at you calmly, her green eyes inviting you to share in the forbidden fruit. The base of the figurine is circled by crescent moons and pentagrams. Hand-painted after being cast in the finest resin, this statuette is the perfect gift for those who feel tempted by forbidden fruit.