Guardian of the North Snowglobe (LP) 14.5cm


Lisa Parker Guardian of the North Wolf Snowglobe

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From the magical artwork of Lisa Parker.

Cast in high-quality resin before being painstakingly hand-painted.

Size 11cm

Weight 0.9kg

Coming from the wild imagination of internationally known wildlife and Fantasy artist Lisa Parker, was created by alternative masters Nemesis Now. A large white wolf keeps a lonely vigil with soulful brown eyes, a full moon rising in the clear night sky behind them. The globe rests on a stand of snow-covered rocks, a waterfall falling over a frozen branch from the pool in the orb. Silver glitter dusts the scene within the globe, clinging to the fur of the wolves as snow would. Perfect for any mantelpiece or coffee table, this Snow globe is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to see the winter of the far north every time they shake it.