Geode Home (Red) 10.7cm


Red Geode Home Glittering Hatchling and Egg Figurine

100 in stock

Sparkly Dragon egg geode.

The egg is purple while the small Dragonling is red.

Cast in the finest resin.

Expertly hand-painted.

Bring a little mythological magic to your geode collection with the Geode Home collection. Each geode is styled as a Dragon egg, with a Dragon hatchling still inside its protective shell. The outer colour of the shell corresponds with the stone on the inside. This shell is purple, which corresponds with the purple crystal agate that lines the interior. The centre-piece of this egg is a hatchling, who has red scales and gold accents on its horns, claws and chest. Our collection of Geode Homes would make a perfect addition to any Dragon enthusiast's collection.