Forever Friend 14.5cm


Forever Friend Black Cat Skull Head 14.5cm

100 in stock

Skull Head with Black Cat

Cast in the finest resin

Expertly hand-painted

Size 14.5*10*14.5cm

Unveiling the enigmatic Forever Friend from Nemesis Now's Value Collection. Crafted by our in-house design team, this intriguing piece blends the mystical allure of a black cat with the macabre aesthetics of a bone-colored skull. The skull, standing at 14.7cm, becomes the canvas for an unconventional adornmenta peculiar black wig, which, upon closer inspection, reveals itself as a charming black cat with piercing dark green eyes, confidently perched atop the skull and gazing straight ahead. Carefully hand-painted, the Forever Friend skull is a unique addition to our Skull-themed giftware collection, catering to lovers of the macabre. Elevate your space with this captivating fusion of mystery and feline charm, a perfect choice for those seeking a touch of the extraordinary in their decor.