Forest Maiden Backflow Incense Burner 12.5cm


Forest Maiden Tree Backflow Incense Burner 12.5cm

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Forest Maiden Backflow Incense Burner

Cast in the finest resin

Expertly hand-painted

Size 12.5*8.5*8.5cm

Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance created by our Forest Maiden Backflow Incense Burner, a finely crafted piece that seamlessly blends the mystical allure of a tree spirit with the practicality of an incense burner, taken from Nemesis Now's premium collection. Crafted in the finest resin, this burner depicts a serene tree spirit or female ent made from wood, adorned with leaves and moss, kneeling gracefully within the roots of a tree, holding the incense above her head. Meticulously hand-painted in earthy browns and greens, this functional yet visually captivating piece embodies the connection with nature. A testament to meticulous craftsmanship, the Forest Maiden Backflow Incense Burner invites incense enthusiasts and collectors alike to appreciate the harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Ideal for those seeking both a practical and artistically elegant addition to their space, this burner captures the essence of woodland magic, elevating the atmosphere with nature's tranquility and the enchanting presence of a tree spirit.