Familiar Helper 12.5cm


Familiar Helper Black cat Mobile Phone Holder 12.5cm

100 in stock

Black Cat Mobile Phone Holder

Cast in the finest resin

Expertly hand-painted

Size 8.5*12.5*6cm

Introducing our Familiar Helper Phone Holder from Nemesis Now's value collection, a whimsical fusion of functionality and feline charm. This black kitten, lying on its back, features a tail between its legs and strategically positioned front and back paws to cradle most smartphones. Its bright orange eyes fixate on the screen, adding a playful touch to your phone holder. Crafted from the finest resin and meticulously hand-painted, this charming accessory seamlessly marries practicality with enchanting aesthetics. Ideal for cat lovers and those enchanted by the mystique of magic, our Familiar Helper Phone Holder is a perfect addition to any collection. Explore our extensive range of cat and witchcraft-themed giftware, where each piece seamlessly blends feline charm with enchanting mysticism, catering to those who appreciate the allure of both cats and magic.