Eggling Hoard 5cm


Eggling Hoard Dragon Hatchling Figurine 5cm

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Dragon Hatchling Figurines

Set of 4

Cast in the finest resin

Size 4.5*5*4.5cm

Unveil the magical world of dragons with our Eggling Hoard set from Nemesis Now's value collection. This set features four intricately crafted dragon hatchlings emerging from their scaled, protective grey scaled eggshells. Each dragon possesses a unique and mesmerizing shimmer, with colors ranging from a vibrant blue and fiery red to regal purple and lush green. Meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, these figures capture the essence of fantasy and mythical allure. Ideal for those in search of fantastic creatures, our dragon-themed giftware collection invites you to explore the extraordinary. Whether your customers are collectors or seeking a unique gift, these hatching dragons add a touch of magic to any setting, appealing to those captivated by the mysteries of the fantastical realm.