Couch Clowder (Display with 48 Cats) 22cm


Couch Clowder with 48 Display Cats 22cm

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Sofa with Black Cat Figurines

Includes 48 Small Black Cat Figurines

Cast in the finest resin

Sofa Size - 13.3*22*13.5cm

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Couch Clowder (Display with 48 Cats) from Nemesis Now's value collection. This set features a luxurious yellow antique sofa, exquisitely detailed and adorned with twelve adult black cats. The feline companions showcase various endearing positions as they lounge on sofa cushions and atop books strewn both on the sofa and the floor. Some adventurous cats even find comfort on sofas pushed onto the floor. Crafted from the finest resin, each element of this figure set is meticulously hand-painted, bringing the scene to life with unparalleled detail. Ideal for enthusiasts of both animal and witchcraft themes, this figure set is perfect for creating captivating in-store displays. Discover the extensive range of animal and witchcraft-themed giftware as you delve into the mystical charm of Nemesis Now. Whether yyour customers are collectors or searching for a unique gift, the Couch Clowder (Display with 48 Cats) adds a touch of enchantment to any setting, appealing to those who appreciate captivating and bewitching decorations.