Beaky 23cm


Steampunk Beaky Plague Doctor Bust Figurine

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This Steampunk Plague Doctor will help cure your ills.

Complete with riveted top hat, cogs and gears.

Cast in the finest resin.

Given a bronzed finish.

Have your very own steampunk inspired Doctor Schnabel - otherwise known as Dr. Beak! The Plague Doctor donned a long coat, gloves, mask and hat to protect himself from the disease. Other doctors existed throughout Europe and gave medical advice about preventative measures which could be used to fight the plague. Combining the unique visual style of the doctor's uniform with curious aesthetic designs of the Steampunk science fiction genre, this absurdist take on the Plague Doctor rests on a bronzed cog. The bust itself is cast in bronzed resin and strikes you as being welded and bolted together.