Baphomet Leather Journal 15x21cm


Lockable Red Leather Baphomet Embossed Journal

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Coming from the twisted imaginations of our own in-house design team.

Featuring our Baphomet artwork

Pages of High-quality paper inside.

One bronzed clasp keeps the journal closed.

Coming from the twisted imaginations of Nemesis Now's in-house design team, this alternative leather journal is perfect for writing down your darkest secrets. The cover of the journal is decorated with the head of a triple-horned Sabbatic Goat with a pentagram raised from its skull. Underneath the head, there rests a five-pointed pentagram, surrounded by intricate patterns. Above it, a pair of crescent moons sit while below it, the heads of two King cobras are poised to attack. This masterpiece is made of high-quality paper and has a leather-bound front cover that features one bronze metal clasp.