Baphoboo 30cm (Large)


Baphoboo Baphomet Figurine 30cm (Large)

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Cult Cutie Baphomet Figurine.

Size 30cm.

Cast in the finest resin.

Expertly hand-painted.

Sitting cross-legged, this Baby Baphomet sits, symbolizing the sum total of the universe. Legs ending in cloven hooves, the staff of Asclepius rises from their crotch. Their right arm is raised in a magical blessing with the word SOLVE (Separate) written on their forearm, while its left arm is stretched downwards and outwards invitingly, forearm bearing the word COACULA (Join Together). Their triple-horned goat head stares directly forwards as their wings stretch out behind them. Cast in high-quality resin and carefully hand-painted this figurine is likely to be the cutest occultist you've ever seen.