Ashes to Ashes 28cm


Ashes to Ashes Crypt Skeleton Incense Stick Holder

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This skeleton tries to rest in peace.

A small hole in his clasped hand and chest is the perfect spot for a stick of incense.

Use with your favourite Incense Sticks.

Cast in high-quality resin.

This alternative incense holder comes from Gothic brand Nemesis Now and is cast in high-quality resin and painstakingly hand-painted. In a black crypt, this skeleton reclines in a relaxed pose, rotting black shroud crumbling off them. Their left hand rests across their lower ribcage, while their right hand sits further up, closed very loosely and providing a holder for an incense stick. The black brick head of this space in the crypt also has space for a small candle. Perfect for any appreciator of Gothic art and pleasant smells, why not pair with your favourite incense?