Aradia The Wiccan Queen of Witches 25cm


Aradia The Wiccan Queen of Witches Bronze Figurine 25cm

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Aradia The Wiccan Queen of Witches.

Bronze Goddess Figurine.

Cast in the finest resin.

Finished in bronze.

Aradia, meaning Goddess of Witches, was first named in the Gospel of Witches by Charles Godfrey Leland. In the Gospel, Aradia is portrayed as a messiah who was sent to Earth to teach the oppressed peasants how to perform Witchcraft to use against the Roman Catholic Church and the upper class society. She stands tall in front of a broken stone arch holding a book in one hand and an orb in the other. Dressed in a long flowing gown with a gold necklace and ruby red pendant below her chest, a small cat lays beside her. Cast in the finest resin before being expertly finished in bronze, this statue is perfect for any witchcraft or wiccan lover.