Adriana 56.5cm


Adriana Gothic Dragon Companion Fairy

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Captivating Fairy Dragon companion figurine.

Cast in the finest resin.

Expertly hand-painted.

Perfect for any fantasy enthusiast!

From Fantasy brand Nemesis Now's giftware collection, this forlorn Fairy figurine can add a touch of wistfulness to your life. Sitting alone on a rocky outcrop, Adriana rest her head on one hand, her inky black wings stretched out behind her. Her long black dress is draped over her crossed legs, indigo stockings emerging from knee-high black boots. On her lap, a tiny white Dragon is curled up, asleep, while around her feet a larger white Dragon wraps its tail around her and stares up like a playful cat. Cast in the finest resin before being painstakingly hand-painted, this fantastic figurine is the perfect complement to any Gothic mantelpiece.